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How Canci Homes Operates

If you are thinking of having a home built, there are a few questions we need answered. Among them, we need to know what your budget is, whether you own your building lot or not, the approximate size and style of home you are contemplating, whether you have a specific house plan in mind or not, your "must have" list, your "would like" list and your "can do without" items, as well as the time frame you are setting for yourselves. Armed with this information, and assuming we feel we can work within the parameters you have set, then we can sit down and start discussing a basic house plan. So far neither of us has committed to anything except spending a few hours discussing your next house, and no money has changed hands!

Now for the next step. We'll draw up a basic house plan for your perusal, and we'll wait for your feedback. You don't like the size of the family room, or the kitchen isn't big enough, or the ensuite is too luxurious? That's fine, we'll make the necessary adjustments. And we are trying to work within your budget. Now if you decide to take it one step further, to the point of having blue prints drawn, there will be a charge. But don't fret...the cost will be credited to you if we build your home! So far, does that sound reasonable?

The question remains: where do you want your house? Canci Homes Corporation Inc. no longer has any lots available for immediate development, so you would first have to secure a building lot.  In the event you find one that you believe suitable for the type of home you want, we would be happy to assist you in the design and construction stages.  The only thing that will differ...

Let's assume for the moment that you have fallen in love with the house plan, you have had the blueprints drawn and you have picked the lot. You would like to proceed to the next step, that is to the Agreement of Purchase and Sale step. We will draw it up for you, spelling out the exact obligations and privileges of both parties, and the time frame within which it will take place. You can then take it to your lawyer for his perusal and comments. Once you are ready to proceed, we will ask for a meeting to sign the Agreement of Purchase and Sale and a down payment as a sign of your goodwill and commitment. Essentially, if you buy a home in the $200,000. range, and we own the lot, the average down payment we request is $20,000. and that down payment is fully insured under the Tarion Warranty  Corporation, which provides the new home warranty coverage that Ontario buyers are entitled to by law.

All through the construction phase, we will assist you in making your sample choices, from the color of the roof shingles to the kitchen cabinets, the bathroom vanities, the countertops, the ceramic tiles and marble where applicable, the cushion flooring and the carpets. We'll even go pick your light fixtures together, if you so desire. After all, this is your house: shouldn't you have your say?

When construction is completed as per the terms of the Agreement, we proceed as with any transaction... You pay us and we transfer title. For the next seven years, your home is covered under the Tarion Warranty  Corporation, which provides the new home warranty coverage that Ontario buyers are entitled to by law. And you are finally home...

In the event you own your lot, then we follow the same steps except that instead of dealing with an Agreement of Purchase and Sale, we sign a Construction contract. Here again, all the terms are spelled out, including the schedule of progress payments. Simple process, wouldn't you agree?



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